Jenna Bradford

“Steel Mace Vinyasa is unlike any movement practice I've ever done! It fully integrates the mind and body and takes me into that flow state I hope for in my practice. This seminar was extremely enlightening in terms of alignment, form, and methods of effective, straight-forward coaching. It already feels so empowering to wield a mace, but to learn about it more in depth, from it's ancient history to this new practice, takes it to another level!”


Alise Skiba

“The Steel Mace Vinyasa Lvl 1 Seminar with Summer was so refreshingly easy to digest, yet complicated enough that I never was bored! This Seminar really helped solidify my understanding of yoga asanas, body mechanics and practicing poses with a top heavy tool. After leaving the seminar I found the gears in my head turning, it made me really excited to plan classes that are really impactful and helping people feel more embodied.

The Steel Mace is a perfect tool for improving proprioception, creating openness through the chest, core stability and evening out imbalances. I found myself springing with every step after our one hour practice with the Mace. This Seminar is perfect for anyone trying to deepen their yoga practice and anyone who wants to be comfortable helping others feel the same way. Love how well Summer engages the whole group and gets you to think deeper. She is really great at breaking things down and working from simple to complex. Super fun!”


Megan Percy

“Summers ability to combine informative teaching, play, and the “why” behind her work during seminars is impeccable. Learning how to instruct Steel Mace Vinyasa was possible in such a short amount of time due to her organization and the informative course book that was provided as well. If you are looking to add in a practice that will bring flow to your life, then this is a course beyond worth taking! The seminar will leave feeling inspired, educated, and ready to share your new skill with the community around you.”