Cross Training for Yoga at its finest

Cross training for yoga at its absolute finest

Strength. Stability. Power.



Summer Huntington developed Steel Mace Vinyasa™ as a tool to gain freedom through movement, access the healing state of mind known as Flow State consciousness and to empower humans to tap into their full potential. Steel Mace Vinyasa™ is a culmination of ancient tools, modern Kinesiology & Yoga principles and high performance coaching tactics. Summer has taught seminars integrating her work on loaded asana globally since 2012, and Steel Mace Vinyasa is the next evolution of her work in cross training with a purpose.


Upcoming Events/Workshops

AUGUST 22-25, 2019 // LVL 1 & 2 Seminar & Retreat -ORCAS ISLAND, WA

OCTOBER 11-13, 2019 //LVL 1 Seminar -BELLINGHAM, WA




Workshops, Seminars and Retreats for all levels of practitioners, from personal trainers to Yoga instructors and everyone in between. All are welcome to study, Flow and embody this practice.


Online Video Course

Practice Steel Mace Vinyasa at home, follow along workouts with instructional tutorials and high definition footage and high quality audio. Master all 12 Workouts & Steel Mace Vinyasa Flows and unlock your full potential.


Flow Shala Studio

Located in Bellingham, WA, the Flow Shala is our flagship boutique studio featuring cutting edge training modalities & Flow State principles.

Expert movement coaching, with an emphasis on Flow State.
— Train with a Purpose

6th Annual Retreat / Seminar at Doe Bay

Flow State & Steel Mace Vinyasa lvl 1 & 2


Want to take your Movement practice to the next level?

Consider our Annual 4 Day intensive Retreat/Seminar!

-open to the general public, Steel Mace Vinyasa instructor candidates & Flow Shala members!


“The Doe Bay retreat venue alone is spectacular, but taking Summer's Yoga & Kinesiology seminar retreat made it all the more rejuvenating and recharging. Each day was devoted to learning a focused set of set of sequences and the dynamics of postures. The Intimate setting really made the other students and I feel like we were receiving the best education- Hands-on and attentive, Summer is truely an expert in her art. We enjoyed full days building strength and learning the structure of Summer's Yoga & Kinesiology systems, then relaxing with cool dips in the ocean, warming up in the the sauna, hot pools and local fare at Doe Bay Cafe. 

I felt like I learned so much, and really connected with the other students- as well as with this special place in the heart of the San Juan Islands.”

- Erica Kutz, Mountainmind Design