Train Simple to Complex

“We know that to build fluidity in our movement, we must first master the foundations.

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“We know that to build fluidity in our movement, we must first master the foundations.

Steel Mace Vinyasa is founded on principles of kinesiology, ancient club & mace swinging mechanics, Flow State psychology and physiology and 7 years of research in loaded asana. The field research includes teaching applications (both one on one coaching & group classes) and conducting coaching development seminars (bridging the gap between strength training and yoga). I specialize in illuminating the intersection between the art & science of Flow. The learning curve is steep when someone applies a weapon into their yoga practice. However, our nervous system can adapt to complexity, when presented in an empowering and intelligent way. We are non-dogmatic seekers of Flow. Our yoga includes an ancient weapon that was once lost, and has now re-surfaced. We are the modern day warriors.”

~Summer Huntington, MS Founder

You are capable of so much more, Flow State consciousness.

You are pure potential.

Let us show you how to find your inner warrior with Steel Mace Vinyasa.


Steel Mace Vinyasa™- Foundations

47 Video Online Course

Steel Mace Vinyasa - Foundations includes Warm / Up & Mobility drills, 360s, 6 Steel Mace Conditioning workouts (2 min of work, 30 seconds of rest) followed by 6 Weighted and Unweighted yoga flow sequences. You learn the movements, drill them and then apply your Steel Mace to a full Yoga Flow on your mat. The conditioning workouts build strength and endurance, and build on complexity. The Yoga Flows help you tap into your victorious breath, enhance your focus and facilitate Flow State. By starting out simple, and gradually adding more sophistication, layers and loaded transitions - you’ll feel the experience of total body engagement and embodied Flow.


steel Mace Vinyasa™ - Fluidity

49 Video Online Course

Steel Mace Vinyasa - Fluidity is the second online course takes the movement training to the next level, including more planes of motion, dynamic swings and advanced sequencing. Another 6 Workouts with the 2 minutes of work and 30 seconds of rest timing protocol + 6 weighted and unweighted yoga flows. When you train your mind and body, synchronize your breath and movement, and express yourself with the Mace… you will feel the difference and crave more. Steel Mace Vinyasa allows you to train your mind, learn new motor skills and vary your tempo & torque - key elements to mastering the art and science of Flow.


Steel Mace Vinyasa™ - Lvl 1 & 2 Seminars

Our Steel Mace Vinyasa™ Coaching Seminars are geared toward both personal trainers AND Yoga instructors, as well as the public. Expect to take a deep dive into your own practice, hone your teaching skills and expand your Steel Mace exercise tool box. You will learn how to create both strength and stability in yoga asana (no formal yoga Certification required). Our seminars take a non-dogmatic to teaching strength & conditioning for yoga asana.